Water-based UV Varnish Series

WUV Series are epoch-making green new environmental protection coatings, with water-based acrylic synthetic resin as the main composition, the most eco-friendly UV varnish products with water added and developed by special polymer structure design and high-tech manufacturing process.

Energy-efficient UV Varnish 

Standard UV Varnish Series

UV varnish series are products widely demanded by the market, providing customers with various high-quality UV coatings, suitable for post-press finishing, and can be used as full or spot UV coating. It is widely used in printed matter such as book covers and paper packages. In addition to protecting printed graphics and text, it provides high gloss and special effects of coating, and enhances additional values of printed matter.

Special Film Series 

Special Films Series are the application of paper lamination. Our company provide Anti-Scratch BOPP Film、Soft-Touch BOPP Film、Soft-Touch PET Film and CPP Brushed Metal & Sandblasting Film, which have special effect and functional. It can fulfill customers with special effect on paper lamination. The surface has advantage of spot UV coating、hot stamping and well adhesion, having wide market application on paper packages.


M.create International Co., Ltd., was founded in 1998. We are a professional manufacturer of UV coatings for printing paper products in Taiwan. 



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